Nipsy Hussle: Turn Slauson into Venice Beach

Media reports portray Nipsey Hussle as a rapper, entrepreneur, and former gang member.  But he was more than that.  Hussle, Ermias Asghedom, was a peace maker, healer and community leader who encouraged rival gangs to put aside their differences and was trying to turn them into a coalition to build his vision: “Turn Slauson into Venice Beach.”

In an era where raps about drugs, murder, hoes and depreciating assets are the normalized and profitable, Hussle used his platform to spread sustaining values like hard work, fidelity and true wealth creation. He bought derelict lots and stores and turned them into profitable businesses that provided kids a way out of the gang life.

I encourage my brothas to take up the mantle of Ermias Asghedom. Don’t let it fall into the dust. Keep pushing for unity and progress despite the pain.  

Stay Strong